At the age of 16, she founded the now recognized chorus Arpegio, a female vocal group that would innovate in the choral music of his country.

When she was 17 years old, she started the Youth Music Orchestra, the first jazz orchestra formed by young people from different parts of Lima who, united by music, would begin to spread this musical genre as a bearer of a message of integration and social tolerance giving concerts in different parts of the city and abroad.

In 2002, she traveled to the United States to continue her studies in Jazz at the prestigious University of North Texas. In 2005 she moved to New York to work at the Julliard School and, later, at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. 

In 2007 she returned to Lima to take charge of the Orchestra project.  She would then rename it Jazz Jaus, the first cultural space specializing in the dissemination and non-profit musical training for social transformation.

In 2008, together with the Institute of Ethnomusicology of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, it would win funding from the Prince Claus Foundation of the Netherlands to take music to various socially vulnerable areas of Peru.

In 2010 she carried out a project for the training of teachers in the town of Manchay with the IDB Cultural Center, an activity that would distinguish the work of Jazz Jaus to date. Currently, together with Sinfonía por el Perú (Foundation of recognized tenor Juan Diego Florez), she is carrying out a project with the IDB for social transformation through popular music. Araoz is considered an opinion leader in musical matters and is constantly invited to media and juries in different cultural events. She also serves as a jazz director, singer and soloist saxophonist.